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Introducing eMotionwall - Movable Storage Walls for Schools

eMotionwall is a patented, made to measure movable wall solution that is transforming classroom design. It not only provides classrooms with a state of the art storage wall facility but also enables the size and shape of classrooms to be transformed quite literally at the touch of a button.

Available with a range of accessories including whiteboards, SMART boards, data points, AV presentation units and an
infinite combination of cupboards, drawers and shelving
options, eMotionwall is the only movable wall solution of its kind that provides the answer to the design challenges.

  • Made to measure to fit every application
  • Unlimited possibilities with modular system and
    accessories to act as an integral storage and teaching
  • Range of finishes to suit every environment and
    co-ordinate with every design
  • Dual operation system for safe operation
  • Electronic controls for smooth and simple movement
  • High specification construction for durability
  • 5 Year Guarantee

The Building Schools for the Future programme, the largest capital investment programme in 50 years, has produced clear design guidelines that focus on creating environments that are exciting, flexible, healthy, safe, secure and environmentally sustainable.

eMotionwall is the perfect solution to providing classroom designs that enable complete flexibility as well as being a functional and intelligent storage wall.

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Emotionwall Movable Wall

'The watchword is flexibility. BSF is a great opportunity to design learning spaces that are flexible and can support a range of approaches to teaching and learning'

Jim Knight,
Education Minister

"BSF will transform the learning environments for pupils, teachers and local communities across the country"

Tim Byles, Chief Executive
(Partnerships for Schools)


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